We Will

We will:

  • Launch an independent commission of inquiry whose mandate is to get to the bottom of the deficit scandal and to propose timely solutions to solving the deficit problem. As part of this effort, we will call in an outside audit of Kathleen Wynne’s reckless management of Ontario’s finances and make the final results of the audit public.
  • Expand the Auditor General’s authority to include approval of government ads that Kathleen Wynne took away.
  • Return to a balanced budget on a responsible timeframe.
  • Centralize government purchasing.
  • Conduct a value-for-money audit of every government program.
  • Put a stop to political elites abusing the public trust, including preventing government agencies, boards, and commissions from buying pricey tables to political speeches and events.


What this will cost:

Value-for-Money Audit and Commission of Inquiry - $1 million total.